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Mielke’s attack politics

Clearly, Mark Richard and Todd Mielke are going to use their positions on the county commission to engage in political antics this year. Bonnie Mager is a straight shooter who was the only voice of reason on the commission when they elected to spend $7 million of our taxpayers’ money on the racetrack boondoggle.

For Mielke to make a political attack on Mager in a commission meeting is simply disgraceful. Her door is always open to constituents of all stripes. That is what I call an open meeting! Todd Mielke should make a public apology to both Bonnie and the voters of Spokane County for his tasteless attack in the commission meeting.

A few more like that highlight how Bonnie Mager is the leading advocate for open government and how absurd Mielke’s attack on her was.

Jan Baker


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