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‘Obamacare’ long overdue

As a physician with over 30 years of practicing primary care (internal medicine) in North Idaho, I am frequently asked about my opinion regarding health care reform or so-called “Obamacare.” My answer is quite simple: I support it and it is long overdue.

The bill is not perfect and is probably too complicated, but it is far superior to doing nothing. We currently immorally ration care by the ability to pay – the new bill will help stop this. If the bill had not passed, based on the argument that it is not perfect, then no health care bill would replace it for many years to come.

The current bill is not socialized medicine. And those who fear this should know that Medicare is a form of socialized medicine, and I doubt there are many Medicare recipients (including tea party members) willing to give up their Medicare.

My big criticism of the bill is that it does not end “for profit” health insurance – insurance companies should all be nonprofit, so that all money collected is used for providing care and covering overhead, and not for the stockholders, etc.

Ray Newcombe, M.D.