April 9, 2010 in Letters

Tea party misrepresented

The Spokesman-Review

The March 28 editorial cartoon illustrates the supposed threat of the tea party to the Republican Party. I am particularly offended by the characterization of tea party members as a masked Frankenstein monster holding a bloodied sword, as if these tea party people were dangerous or threatening.

The tea party is made up of very ordinary people concerned about many problems in the United States today, but especially about taxation and loss of freedom. We characterize ourselves as hardworking Americans from all walks of life. We are not violent or bigoted. If someone would like to see what the tea party is all about, come to our rally at 4 p.m. on April 15 at the floating stage beside the Spokane Convention Center. There you will hear venerable Idaho Gov. Butch Otter among other prominent activists explain what this movement is all about.

Wendy Powell


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