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District holds out on public

I was appalled to discover that District 81 has begun the planning process to site Jefferson School while disingenuously telling citizens a site has not been selected.

At the open house on Feb. 23, it was obvious the committee had determined a favored option. When I asked what use was planned for the current building, I was told it hadn’t been decided. Yet, a mere three weeks later at the predesign review meeting with the city, the district stated the building would be an adult technical education center requiring an additional parking lot to accommodate increased traffic and parking. The district has maintained that traffic will not increase. This lack of transparency and outright misleading of the public by District 81 is abhorrent.

Anything other than a renovation likely violates the Growth Management Act and some current state policies. A new building will increase noise, traffic, air pollution, concrete-topped surfaces, destroy healthy trees, remove urban green space and alter the character and lifestyle of an established residential neighborhood. Renovate the current school building as was done with Lewis and Clark and create a beautiful modernized and historic school.

Christine Carlile