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Sat., April 10, 2010, midnight

McKenna’s his own man

Regarding Joanne Hirabayashi’s letter (March 31), I would like to mention one or two “minor” discrepancies. First of all, Ms. Hirabayashi should realize that our attorney general represents the people of Washington and he is independent of our Legislature and our governor, who, by the way, became our governor by “hook or crook.” Remember the “lost and found” ballots on the West Side?

Ms. Hirabayashi states, “We’re not a Republican state like Idaho, and McKenna doesn’t represent the majority of voters,” when at the same time her address is identified as Priest River, Idaho. In other words, does being a Democrat give her the right to speak as a Washington citizen when she lives in Idaho? Ah, yes, this is the Democratic interpretation of “being accountable.”

Helen J. Pestana


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