April 10, 2010 in Letters

Paper victimizes officers

The Spokesman-Review

The two letters written by Spokane police officers (April 1) are right on.

However, the Spokesman’s response leaves a lot to be desired. Instead of coming out and saying the suspect was not a victim but a criminal intent on killing his relatives if he hadn’t been stopped by the police, you say the word “victim” was written by an editor and not the reporter, as if that makes a difference? If anything, it is worse when you consider the “editor” should have better sense and had enough time to determine if this person was really a victim or a criminal before the paper was published. I’ll bet that comment makes the police officers that put their lives on the line really feel good.

Many readers never get past the headlines or secondary headlines and assume the person was just “another” victim of the police. The police have enough problems without help from The Spokesman-Review or the ever-helpful Doug Clark.

Wayne Lythgoe


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