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Socialism claim faulty

Beverly Cook’s letter (April 4) presented a litany of unfounded assertions. Does she even understand what socialism, Marxism and Maoism are? Probably not. Who in the present administration is a Marxist or a Maoist?

Some simple facts: Obama inherited the economic disaster from Bush. The federal government is getting out of the banking and automobile industries. And the reason the feds were in the banking industry was due to the Bush administration and Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson.

Where was Ms. Cook’s outrage when Bush took our federal checkbook from the black to the red at the rate of $1 trillion per year? Where was her outrage when the Republican Congress passed the “Patriot Act” that restricted our civil rights not once but twice? Where was her outrage when Bush passed an unfunded mandate called Medicare Part D that ended up being a trillion-dollar gift to the pharmaceutical companies? Why didn’t she call for a revolution when all of these truly outrageous items were signed into law?

Thomas B. Whalen


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