April 10, 2010 in Letters

World War II gains squandered

The Spokesman-Review

In the years 1942-’45 my brothers, and most of the boys we had gone to school with, were given expense-paid trips to Europe, Africa, Asia or to the many islands of the South Pacific. The choice was not ours, but we went willingly. We wiped out those dictatorships of Europe and Asia. However, now it seems we have dictators in the United States.

When this Congress can force the American people to buy insurance or put a lien on their homes, and force insurance companies to accept any risk or pay huge fines, then we are no longer free.

When this Congress gives special privileges to some states in return for the votes of their senators, we are no longer equal.

When free and equal are gone, what is left?

Robert J. Sheehan


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