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High school scholars will be honored

On Monday, 138 high school seniors will be honored with the 2010 Medal of Academic Achievement by the Spokane Scholars Foundation.

Now in its 18th year, the foundation awards $60,000 in grant money to seniors who have excelled in six areas of study: English, fine arts, mathematics, science, social studies and world languages. The funds will be given to 24 of the scholars in the amounts of $4,000, $3,000, $2,000 and $1,000.

At the banquet, the scholars and their families will hear from keynote speaker William H. Gates Sr., author of the book, “Showing Up for Life: Thoughts on the Gifts of a Lifetime,” co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the father of Microsoft chairman, Bill Gates Jr.

This year’s list of scholars includes:


Amanda Bauer, Upper Columbia Academy; Amanda C. Boik, Gonzaga Prep; Dana Bronson, Ferris; Heather Butler, Medical Lake; Taylor MK. Chaparro, North Central; Matthew J. Comi, Northwest Christian; Kyle D. Croft, Valley Christian; Samantha Cruz, East Valley; Caroline Mary Emberton, St. George’s; Joshua Grandinetti, Freeman; Jonathan Hafferkamp, the Oaks Classical Christian Academy; Dalton Harding, Cheney; Katrina I. Knizek, Shadle Park; Rebekah Lester, Riverside; Karly Muller, Rogers; Michael Nave, Lewis and Clark; Rachelle Parsloe, Central Valley; Cassandra Partridge, University; Rachel Roe, Deer Park; Taylor Sims, Mead; Nicholas Stewart, Mt. Spokane; Timothy Stickney, West Valley; Nancy Weber, Newport.

Fine Arts

Jonathan Bademian, University; Carrie Crosby, Mt. Spokane; Elyce Cutshall, Newport High School; Rachael Edwards, Cheney; Taemin Eum, St. George’s; Sam Hylton, Lewis and Clark; Jennifer Katzer, Shadle Park; Philip Keeve, Central Valley; Corey King, West Valley; Annie McEwen, Gonzaga Prep; Michael Mortier, Mead; Maria A. Ochoa, St. Michael’s Academy; Hannah Pope, Rogers; Michael Powell, Ferris; Christa Prentiss, Northwest Christian; Emily Stickel, Freeman; Tonya Strong, East Valley; Casey Sweet, Medical Lake; Joshua Taylor, Valley Christian; Dalin Tipton, North Central; Chelsea Wood, Riverside; Brianna Woodruff, Upper Columbia Academy


Mitchell Andrews, Rogers; Katie Bauer, Freeman; Cameron Bergland, the Oaks Classical Christian Academy; Jennifer Choi, Mead; Rachel Duckett, East Valley; Dylan Enright, North Central; David Finkel, University; Lauren Fritz, Gonzaga Prep; Samuel Gilmore, Valley Christian; Ryan Hervey, Mt. Spokane; Trevor Hoffman, Riverside; Ho Jae Lee, St. George’s; Chad Linafelter, Medical Lake; Matthew McFaul, Northwest Christian; Brian Moore, Central Valley; Hannah Myers, Ferris; Grant Oakley, Lewis and Clark; Angela C. Oberti, St. Michael’s Academy; William Painter, Cheney; Kyle Peckham, West Valley; Christian Robins, Upper Columbia Academy; Hailey Robinson, Newport; Jacob Tuininga, Deer Park; Martha Wagley, Shadle Park.


Drew Adams, Deer Park; Evan Anders, Gonzaga Prep; Amy Bestick, University; Kevin Burchett, Riverside; Richard Caulkins, St. George’s; Stephanie Cooper, Medical Lake; Scott Davis, Ferris; Tanner Dixon, Northwest Christian; Taylor Fryett, Shadle Park; Kevin Gilmartin, Valley Christian; Elyssa Kerr, Lewis and Clark; Mary Konis, Mt. Spokane; Keeli Nelson, East Valley; Cameron Nemeth, Central Valley; Conor Reisman, Mead; Blair Riddle, Freeman; Tanner Robinson, North Central; Tyson Schlect, the Oaks Classical Christian Academy; Jeff Sloop, Upper Columbia Academy; Annika Swanson, West Valley; Thomas Townsend, Cheney; Nhung Tran, Rogers; Beau Witter, Newport High School

Social Studies

Kara S. Brockett, the Oaks Classical Christian Academy; Anthony Cossette, Gonzaga Prep; Megan Erickson, Mt. Spokane; Eric Grossman, Lewis and Clark; Matthew Hitchcock, Rogers; Tiana Keith, Deer Park; Sarah Kenney, West Valley; Doyoung Lee, Shadle Park; Howard Lee, St. George’s; Brian Lenz, Upper Columbia Academy; Andrey Melnikov, North Central; Heather Molvik, Newport; Taylor Naber, Freeman; Alyssa Nilles, Medical Lake; Ashley Olson, East Valley; Katherine Rahn, Mead; Corrine Schmidt, Ferris; Kathleen Sherry, University; Amanda Suhr, Riverside; Janni Sun, Central Valley; Katie Worley, Valley Christian; Nathaniel Youmans, Cheney.

World Languages

Matei Alexianu, St. George’s; Bonnie Alford, Northwest Christian; Jonathan Casebier, East Valley; Christopher Chappel, Lewis and Clark; Brittany Cozza, North Central; Derrick Cunningham, Mt. Spokane; Megan Dempsey, University; Josh Gaskill, Upper Columbia Academy; Samantha Harwood, Cheney; Samantha Hoots, Rogers; Kayla Hopkins; Newport; Olgena Hoxha, Gonzaga Prep; Kaitlyn Kadel, Mead; Samantha Lewis, the Oaks Classical Christian Academy; Lauren Maher, Ferris; Ashley Renz, Central Valley; Kimberly Seitz, Riverside; Tyler Selcho, Shadle Park; Jarrod Swanson, Medical Lake; Molly Thomas, Freeman.