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Crossing costs unwarranted

I am shocked, but not really surprised that taxpayers will have $40,000 spent at Trent and Park to put up special barricades to supplement the crossing arms, flashing lights and bells, to try and prevent idiots in cars or on bikes from driving around the downed arms while trains are approaching.

Supposedly, four people have been seen doing this over the past two years. Let’s see, 40,000 divided by four equals $10,000 per person. Is that a good value for our tax dollar?

Don’t we have the expectations that our money be spent wisely, especially in difficult times like this? People who drive around the downed crossing arms will always find a way to remove themselves from the gene pool. They do endanger train crews and other drivers near them, but should society be the nanny for everyone?

Let’s spend our limited funds on things giving all drivers some value for their increasing tax burdens. Better turn lanes, traffic lights at busy intersections and many other things could make our roads safer. In a perfect world, we would have enough money to try and protect every person from everything imaginable, but that is not reality.

Gary Graupner

Spokane Valley


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