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Sat., April 17, 2010

Prosecutor flaws long-standing

Spokane County commissioners are going to pay $5,000 so a Florida prosecutor can visit Prosecuting Attorney Steve Tucker’s office to find ways to “speed up” charging decisions.

Suspects arrested by police are being released from jail because charges are not being filed by Tucker within the required 72 hours. This has been going on for years and is inexcusable. If suspects are charged and kept in jail, prosecutors are more likely to get these cases resolved quickly.

In Kootenai County, in-custody arrests are screened and charged within 24 hours by designated prosecutors, essential to protecting the public. You want to keep a criminal suspect from fleeing the area and from committing other crimes.

Tucker (paid $143,000 annually) has been indifferent to dealing with this preventable problem due to his lack of concern for victims and letting highly paid subordinates do what they want. He’s an empty suit.

In reality, the union controls that office, negotiating for smaller caseloads and higher pay. Senior prosecutors earn $100,000 to $130,000. That is why Donald Brockett opposed the union during his 25-year tenure as Spokane County prosecuting attorney. He was in charge. By firing Tucker, voters can be in charge this year.

Jim Reierson


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