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Support Spokane’s firefighters

I am writing to support the firefighters of Spokane city. They are here 24-7 for anything we need. It doesn’t matter what the problem is, they respond.

The fire service is no longer just for fires and EMS. They take care of any and all problems that arise for our citizens. Car wrecks, power line problems, wildland fires, ice storms, appliance problems, water problems, natural gas line breaks, hazmat, technical rescue, water rescue, animal rescue, teaching CPR and, yes, fires and EMS are only some of the reasons they respond. Basically, when people don’t know what to do and whom to call, they call 911, because they know the fire department will respond, and be there in minutes, and take care of the problem.

It’s hard to believe that people don’t want to support our firefighters with a levy that only replaces the current one. Do they want to lessen the service that they get for a few bucks a month? I guess they are hoping that they won’t need the fire department so they want to save an amount that equals a few lattes.

Darci Fraser

Firefighters Local 29