The Slice: All the news that’s fit to plant


Sue Malm shared a neat recycling strategy.

“The WSU master gardener youth program makes pots out of newspaper that can be filled with potting soil for children to sow seeds in,” she wrote. “The resulting plant can then be planted out in the garden, pot and all. The newspaper pot decomposes and adds nutrients to the soil.”

I’m guessing the Today section makes especially good fertilizer.

Editorial suggestion: Michael Palmer noticed something in last Sunday’s newspaper. “Perhaps Parade magazine should replace the title of their issue ‘What People Earn’ with ‘These People Earn More than You.’  ”

Just wondering: A friend saw a squirrel pause near a street to look both ways. What do you suppose that adaptive rodent will learn next?

A) How to reboot a computer. B) How to come up with a good name for a Hoopfest team. C) How to look earnest and say, “We have breaking news to report.” D) How to exploit the politics of resentment and self-pity. E) How to set the DVR to record a show with five extra minutes so you don’t miss the ending. F) Other.

Slice answers: Several readers said cheese is the food that gets moldy before they get around to eating it. Others mentioned bread, strawberries and salsa.

But Mark Slater and his daughter Racheal thought the question revealed something about your old pal, Uncle Slice.

“It’s clear you don’t have a teenage boy in the house. Now do you? We are lucky to have food around.”

Today’s Slice question: So I was looking out a fifth-floor window in a medical building. I could see my car down below, at the far end of a good-sized parking lot. Just for the heck of it, I took my remote-control door-locker out of my pocket and aimed it at my vehicle. I pressed the “lock” button. And, as they always do when the car doors are being locked or relocked, the parking lights flashed.

How far away from your car will your remote work?

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