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Sat., April 24, 2010

Apply justice uniformly

So, let me get this straight. According to Officer Karl Thompson’s attorney, if you don’t “swear” to tell the truth before being questioned by police officials, and then lie during questioning, you cannot be held accountable later if the lies told are disproved by reputable evidence.

Well then, I guess what that means is that I can go out and get stinking drunk and, while driving home, should I be pulled over and asked by police if I have been drinking, I can lie and say no. Then, even if I fail a breathalyzer test, I can’t be prosecuted because I had not “sworn” to tell the truth prior to the test. Does that sound about right, Mr. Oreskovich?

Ohhh, I’m sorry. I forgot. That type of “justice” is only reserved for Spokane Police Department personnel, not for the common folk who live in Spokane. Wait and see. I bet that even if Thompson goes to jail, the SPD will find a way to put him on “administrative leave” so that he can still draw a paycheck.

Gerald Barnhart


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