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Sat., April 24, 2010

Initiative incites class war

The tax-and-spend bullies are back at it. I am so tired of and angry at these leeches. We are to hate smokers so we tax them to “death.” We are to hate drinkers since all are alcoholics so we tax them to “death” as well. All to “benefit” kids and, more importantly, the teachers’ and public employees’ unions.

Now it is a proposed tax on millionaires. I loathe Hummers and the largest-yacht-on-the lake mentality of these folks, but they have a right to the money they earn, and taxing only the rich is just plain cowardly.

Sen. Lisa Brown and Gov. Chris Gregoire know the millionaires number small enough that they will enjoy insufficient sympathy from the have-nots, who will vote “yes” on the pending initiative.

“Fair share” is maliciously defined to tax not the users of systems, but those who are forced to financially support the systems. For schools, tax people with eight children eight times the amount you tax folks with no kids. That is “fair share.” Stop bullying payers who you know have no effective voice.

I will not sign the initiative petition soaking the rich. Stop this divisive class warfare.

John M. Tyson

Spokane Valley

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