April 24, 2010 in Letters

Let all voices be heard

The Spokesman-Review

In Mr. Schneider’s letter to the editor on April 18, he describes tea party members as fundamentalists who are unhappy with the direction of our nation.

What is wrong with dissent? Mr. Schneider does not feel those who disagree with his views have the right to express their dissatisfaction? He wants all who opine not as he sees things should leave the country? He thinks all who disagree have fat bank accounts?

Not true. Many who agree with the tea party message are for lower taxes, less government intervention into our personal lives, i.e. health care, the auto industry takeover, and against the skyrocketing debt no matter which party is in control.

I will not take Mr. Schneider’s advice. I will continue to offer up my thoughts and encourage others to do the same, no matter their view. I would never suggest someone leave because they had an opinion that differed from mine.

Ed McAlpin


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