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Movement lacks diversity

Idaho Gov. Butch Otter spoke at the Spokane tea party rally to a nearly all-white crowd of angry and mostly Republican taxpayers.

What did the Idaho governor offer Washington taxpayers? How about Idaho’s 7.8 percent state income tax and a $1.30 lower minimum wage? Idaho gets back $1.21 for every dollar it pays in federal taxes. Washington only gets back 88 cents for every dollar we pay. The reality is that Washington taxpayers are subsidizing Idaho state government. Gov. Otter should thank both Washingtons for our contributions to his state.

What’s missing from the tea protests are people of color. Even the Republicans put some token people of color in the front row at their conventions. The protest looks like selfish old white people that don’t want their taxes going to other races. It’s a false assumption left over from the 1950s that white people are being overtaxed to provide government benefits to minorities.

Finally, tea party protesters are getting tax cuts funded from borrowed money. Does it make any sense to borrow money to get tax relief? It seems like they are protesting because they just want to keep their borrowed benefits and entitlements and pay less taxes.

Pete Scobby

Newport, Wash.