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A $780 million package of tax increases that includes soda, bottled water, cigarettes, beer, candy, gum and commercial services such as legal help and hairstyling was signed into law last week by Gov. Chris Gregoire, drawing a wide range of reader reaction and comments. Complete coverage and the full debate can be found at www.spokesman.com.

Leekinny: I was always surprised junk food was never taxed here.

Spokanada: The fatties want us paying for their future health problems associated with candy, beer and smokes.

Misjustice: I agree with taxing beer, smokes, soda, candy, etc. None of those items are essential for life. Now if only there was a higher fast food tax, also a nonessential and a detriment to health.

Mr. Natural: I understand that some of the revenue will go toward public health funding. This tax is a good thing I believe. … Public health programs have been cut and rendered for the last 15 years and it shows ominously within our community.

Leekinny: I agree with Misjustice on a fast food tax, maybe, geared to the amount of fat in the item. I’m nearly convinced that there’s something in that stuff that’s addicting to those who can’t get away from it.

Nslopeofw: I can’t believe any of you all think it’s a good idea to tax more. Smokers/drinkers (of which I don’t belong to) already pay huge taxes for their vices. Perhaps it would be OK with you if we started taxing eggs and milk because they can cause high cholesterol? Or running shoes, because they can cause shin splints? Hell, let’s just tax everything, then Aunt Christine can spend, spend, spend. We don’t need more taxes, we need responsible people in our government, who can cut the budget. These morons will continue to spend, and continue to fund that spending on the backs of the working folks.

Daisy Minken: Public health is a good thing. Social programs (are) what got the budget in trouble to begin with. There must come a time when people who are on the public’s money take responsibility for their own health.

Dallison: Great plan. Keep bleeding the middle class dry by cutting jobs and taxing them to death. When there is no more that the middle class or small businesses can give or they are all out of business and unemployed then what?

mommie53241: I’ll just go to Post Falls even more now. Walmart is going in there too so I can shop at Cabela’s and at Walmart killing 2 birds with 1 stone. Works for me. Oh I know I’ll get a lot of bad responses for this but it’s called survival and ya gotta do what ya gotta do to survive.

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