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Dunham’s record shines

Why is it? Part truths or half truths can become outright lies? As illustrated in “Letters” July 24, endorsing and supporting Laurel Siddoway for judge.

Look at the records. Siddoway was appointed to this position by Chris Gregoire. Siddoway was part of the legal shenanigans involving the River Park Square fiasco, which cost Spokane taxpayers $2 million to Siddoway’s law firm (with no benefits to taxpayers) and another $68 million from taxpayers to “settle” this quagmire.

Compare Harvey Dunham’s record – prior District Court judge, seven years as pro tem judge, 30 years practicing law, criminal law experience, extensive background in corporate, governmental and private practice, military veteran, practices constitutional law, endorsed by,, – these are three politically active groups who vet each candidate for political office.

All three organizations have given Harvey Dunham five stars, their highest endorsement (Laurel Siddoway received 0 stars – no endorsement.)

If you want an honest, fair, ethical judge with integrity, who will follow the Constitution of the U.S. and the Constitution of Washington state in his rulings, vote Harvey Dunham Appeals Court judge.

George McGrath



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