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Salute for war memo leak

The imperialist U.S. military Goliath has just taken a massive shot to the head from the David of with the heroic release of 91,000 secret U.S. military documents now available – unvarnished, unfiltered, undoctored and unspun – to every person on Earth via the Internet.

The documents disclose multiple gross war crimes by U.S. military forces, CIA and mercenary contractors, as well as severely flawed tactics and strategies which have cost thousands of U.S. and foreign lives.

The documents ( uk/world/the-war-logs) expose nearly daily civilian deaths, including large numbers of children, the existence of CIA paramilitary death squads, and the human consequences of spending $300 billion in U.S. taxpayer money, even as increasing millions here lose their homes, survive without medical care and apply for food stamps. It’s long been the thought-control agenda of corporate media and the U.S. government to prevent this sort of material – now totally outside their control – from derailing their ruling class wars of aggression. Whoever released the documents is a hero, as are Julian Assange and

Those who stand up, speak up and defy illegal U.S. government wars and other murderous policies are heroes. U.S. out of Afghanistan NOW!

David Brookbank



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