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Sun., Aug. 15, 2010

Critics harm America

It used to be that the communists were the biggest critics of democracy in the United States during the Cold War era. Now numerous individuals are filling in where the communists left off with their own anti-democracy campaigns.

The Nazis used similar tactics against the French during World War II and were successful in demoralizing the French before the German invasion.

A Polish spy colonel who defected to the West was amazed that we had people who would run down elected public officials and the government. He said the communists had tried the same thing for years without much success.

Lately in the news, two terrorists, born, raised and educated in this country, were apprehended. The question was how were they radicalized? They had been listening to a radical Muslim cleric in this country.

Criticizing the government may be a perverse form of entertainment for some people, but it is also very damaging to the country. It causes people to lose confidence in their elected officials and government, weakening the country, especially in times of crises. This country needs fewer critics and more problem-solvers.

Carl H. Dahlberg

Bonners Ferry, Idaho

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