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Experience advantage to Dunham

As an avid reader of the Review, I am compelled to strongly endorse Harvey Dunham for Court of Appeals judge. Your endorsement and profile of the candidates doesn’t begin to tell the whole story.

Mr. Dunham has vast experience in criminal matters. Siddoway has none. Former Judge Dunham does not need any “on the job training.” Siddoway needs more experience than a degree from a judicial college.

Dunham is committed to a strong judiciary while exercising fiscal responsibility to the people of the state of Washington. Siddoway, in private practice, received $2 million in legal fees representing the city of Spokane in the River Park Square fiasco. Siddoway tried for a federal judgeship but was not appointed. Mr. Dunham works diligently to represent his clients.

I even tried to find any legal opinions written by Siddoway and found none. At over $160,000 a year, we deserve a better judge.

For all the above reasons, I am wholeheartedly endorsing Harvey Dunham for the Court of Appeals judgeship. I would encourage everyone to verify the facts for themselves.

Jim Starr



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