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Fiscal responsibility absent

I had once hoped that Gov. Chris Gregoire would finally be forced to exhibit some fiscal discipline in the face of declining revenues. However, her old friend Patty Murray has stepped in to prevent sanity from reaching the halls of Olympia.

Every state has Medicaid payment responsibilities as its part of the Medicaid program. It also has responsibilities to the education system. For the federal government to assume the cost of those responsibilities from this state with money it does not have and must print pushes debt onto non-Washingtonians and future generations everywhere.

I am sure that this is a great election-year ploy if you want teacher union backing. It also pulls Gov. Gregoire temporarily out of the fiscal mess she has put herself and this state into. The Washington state governor and Legislature have done everything to avoid any spending cuts at a time when spending has continued recklessly despite declining revenues.

I can only hope that there will be changes in both Washingtons in the coming months to bring back fiscal responsibility.

Kent Aggers



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