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SUNDAY, AUG. 15, 2010

French up to challenges

I am grateful Al French is running for Spokane County commissioner and support him because Al has a passion for public service and has experience in business and government that make him uniquely qualified for this position.

These are very challenging times. The issues facing our county are complex: We need to make government more efficient and encourage economic development and good jobs in Spokane County. Al French is a successful businessman and former city councilman. Al will be able to bring people from local government and the community together to reduce duplication and enable our tax dollars to keep basic services and public safety as effective as possible without raising taxes.

I have seen how hard Al French works and the many hours he dedicates enthusiastically to improve our government and our community. In these difficult times Al French will provide leadership that will unite diverse viewpoints and encourage positive growth in our economy. Al French is a proven leader with vision that will encourage sensible savings and growth we can all support.

Joel Crosby


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