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Mager’s résumé keeps growing

Bonnie Mager is an outstanding county commissioner, a woman with integrity and commitment to the citizens of Spokane County. She promotes the highest quality of life by each and every decision she makes.

Bonnie served the neighborhoods of Spokane County for many years before she ran for office. She worked with citizens from all walks of life in solving problems and developed a knowledge and understanding that is amazing.

When elected, she added to her résumé the major issues of a community: budgets, health, planning, community programs/correction centers, sewer treatment, waste management, private/public facilities and the myriad other issues facing our community today.

Bonnie represents the female aspect of three county commissioners and has the courage to debate and disagree with decisions made by the other two. Diversity is essential for thoughtful and good decision making.

Please retain Bonnie Mager for county commissioner.

Sheri S. Barnard



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