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Only Reierson makes sense

We find The Spokesman-Review’s endorsement of young Mr. Bugbee for prosecutor very discouraging. He has only six years as a deputy prosecutor, and the rest of his experience has been as a criminal defense attorney.

The Spokesman has virtually dismissed the candidate that could help the citizens of Spokane County the most. Jim Reierson is the only candidate that makes sense in this race.

We need someone that is not part of the problem but someone from the outside with the experience to be part of the solution. Reierson was born and raised in Spokane and is a career prosecutor. He has been a military prosecutor and for the last 20 years a deputy prosecutor in Walla Walla County and Kootenai County.

We want a prosecutor that understands the criminal justice system in both states, especially knowing how tough on crime Idaho is. As the parents of a child that was a victim of a brutal assault and whose attacker got a mere hand-slap plea bargain, we want justice for victims.

You have the opportunity to ensure that criminal suspects are charged within 72 hours of their arrest and prosecuted by electing law and order candidate Jim Reierson.

Harold and Toni Poffenroth



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