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Bin Laden tie won’t hold

Views expressed in Mark Elliot’s letter (Aug. 20) about the so-called “mosque” near the World Trade Center site are based on several misapprehensions. He calls it a “score … for bin Laden,” and “a slap in the face to the memory of the victims … by the Muslim radicals.”

Bin Laden has nothing to do with the Park 51 Islamic center, and its organizers have no connection to the radicals who perpetrated the attacks, so any “slap in the face” is a purely mistaken perception.

They are blameless American citizens and New Yorkers who happen also to be Muslim and were attacked that day every bit as much as any other American. Treating them as though they were responsible for the actions of a handful of extremists is no different than, say, treating all Catholics as though they were to blame for the acts of some priests.

This has nothing to do with “political correctness.” It’s simply that the Islamic center had no more to do with the attacks than the strippers at the club that is even closer to the WTC site, or Mr. Elliot himself. His concerns are therefore misplaced.

Steven A. Wells



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