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Sun., Aug. 22, 2010

Let the trickle begin

I’m getting tired of the lie that tax cuts cost the government money. When taxes are cut, revenue flowing into the government goes up. The problem has always been spending. Liberals love to spend other people’s money.

When we keep more of our own money, we spend it, which goes to pay for the wages of the people who provide goods and services. Those people also spend money, which does the same thing. This is called trickledown economics. We also invest it, which goes toward building our economy and provides jobs, which creates more taxpayers. We also save it, which goes into a pot that we can borrow to buy the larger items we can’t afford in one chunk.

When money goes to government it stagnates and is wasted. We pay for several layers of bureaucracy to spend the money. More money is wasted paying someone to spend it than what it is being spent on. If we are really serious about government and taxes we should demand we go back to what the Constitution allows the government to do. Of course, then government couldn’t use our own money to buy our votes and that wouldn’t sit right with politicians.

Rob Leach

Mica, Wash.

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