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Sun., Aug. 22, 2010

Staking a claim on sacred site

When Islam builds a mosque, it means, “We have conquered this space.” The mosque built to “memorialize” World Trade Center victims is wrongly framed as a freedom of religion issue.

On the contrary, it is a victorious celebration of a forced way of life that wears the garment of religion. It is Islam triumphalism, like the building of the Mosque of Omar over Israel’s sacred temple site.

Should our politicians give way to this hoax, they will perpetuate Islam’s controlling demands of anti-Semitism, destruction of Christianity and the establishment of their own intolerant legal system. Remember the difference between Mohammad and Jesus. Mohammad was a murderous military leader involved with over 30 conquering campaigns. On the other hand, Jesus told Peter to put up his sword and then died on the cross in the place of those who believe in Him.

Our secular leaders are naive in understanding the impact of deeply held religious views – one way or the other. But to offer the enemy a flag of peace, maybe when Saudi Arabia allows religious diversity and non-Muslims can visit Mecca, we will reconsider the mosque.

Jerry Malone


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