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The Slice: Ink can run on relaxed dress day

In the matter of hot weather’s impact on this area’s already relaxed dress code, Slice reader Jay Fintz noted that some tropically clad employees of businesses with a “No visible tattoos” policy can wind up looking like they had been in a sword fight after applying various Band-Aids and wraps to cover up certain sectors of exposed skin.

Let’s move on.

Record albums we almost played the grooves off: “Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Darkness on the Edge of Town,’ ” wrote Maggie Fritz. “There had been such a long wait after ‘Born to Run,’ with all the legal wrangling. To this day I believe I can listen to the entire album without having to put it on the turntable. Or in the CD player.

“Even though it is nice to download individual songs, there was something about buying an album at a cool head shop and reading the liner notes, and listening from start to finish.”

Great moments in TV history: “I heard the drinking age is something like 10 in Idaho.” – a Michigan high school student played by Jason Segel talking to a couple of friends in 1999/2000’s “Freaks and Geeks”

Today’s pet name story: North Sider Carole Asher read a Slice column in early December 2007 in which mention was made of the blitz-surviving cat in the World War II movie “Mrs. Miniver.”

“Around that time, I had lost my husband of 44 years and several months after that I had to put down our cat, Mud, that had been part of our family for 18-plus years,” she wrote.

Her grandson encouraged her to get a new pet. Finally, she did. Asher adopted a feline her grandson had located on a pet-rescue program’s website.

“Trying to think of a name for her I remembered your column and decided on Mrs. Miniver, with a nickname of Minnie. She has been with me now for over 2 1/2 years and is a great companion. Guess I owe you thanks for naming my cat.”

I’d say we’re even, Carole.

Today’s Slice question: Is it really necessary to dress in full camo to work on your truck?

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