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The Spokane Tribe’s frustration that Republican U.S. Senate candidate Dino Rossi was asked to toss the coin Saturday in the Arena Football League championship, which was played at Spokane Arena on a field sponsored by the tribe, drew plenty of comments on The Spokesman-Review’s Huckleberries Online blog. Tribal leaders note that Rossi has disparaged them, including references to “laundering” casino profits through the Democratic Party, but backers of the move insisted it’s common to include politicians in sporting events. Find complete coverage and the full reader debate at

grayuser: The Spokane Tribe may have a beef. It is a weak one, but if they have an issue with it, they can withdraw their sponsorship. … Has anyone ever heard of the president (and many other politicians) throwing out the first pitch at baseball games? This is common practice.

Kootenai_Conserva- tive: The Spokane Tribe needs to chill out. I know almost everything in our culture is politicized these days, but do we really need to drag sports into the political arena as well?

Sisyphus: Let’s get the context straight here. Dino isn’t just a politician; he is a candidate in a heated race for Senate in November.

Phaedrus: So is the TV exposure for Rossi considered an in-kind donation? What’s the $ value of that?

Bent: It is an extremely tight and very pivotal race at the national level of politics. After Murray’s weak showing in the primary, the gloves are coming off and these two are going for it. Both Murray and Rossi supporters are going to do ANYTHING they can to give their candidate an edge. In the end, this coin flip will be absolutely nothing but a blip on the screen.

Hmoffsuite: Isn’t it the Spokane Tribe that now wants to create a casino in Airway Heights on property they bought but is off their own land? Doesn’t this get political in its own right? Isn’t the tribe trying to grease the Washington Democrats to gain approval to do so? I think the tribe should stay out of political issues themselves. We all know how the tribes greased (Gov. Chris) Gregoire during the last election cycle and the governor then allowed more slots per casino. It’s Chicago-style politics.

BrandonHansen: It’s a COIN FLIP people!

Nic: It’s just a game. It’s not like Dino’s appearance at the Shock game will be the deciding factor in November’s elections. Not a single voter is going to walk into a polling booth and think, “That Dino guy … he showed up at that Shock game a couple months ago … he’s got my vote.” Won’t happen.


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