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Racism hint off base

Wayne Kraft, in his Aug. 10 letter to the editor rant against Israel, implies that the Jewish state is a racist country because they are currently debating whether or not to allow the newly born of migrant workers Israeli citizenship. The issue is in the absolute forefront of Israelis.

Israel was established as a Jewish state the same way Iran is established as Islamic. The nation of Israel is above all and foremost a democracy. Their citizens will air the subject of citizenship extensively. Israel constantly worries about their perpetuity as a Jewish state as well as their image in the world.

There are liberal and conservative Israelis just as in the United States. The press and media in Israel are voicing all positions on the subject. Citizenship is sensitive in Israel as it is in the U.S.

There is also a strong undercurrent in our country about illegal aliens having babies here as a backdoor entrance to U.S. citizenship. Does this make America racist?

Kraft’s preconceived position is incorrect and he uses a brief article in The Review to fortify his anti-Semitism.

He should do an “allemande left” and read Israeli publications before spewing his continual vitriolic racism.

Jack A. Abel



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