August 28, 2010 in Letters, Opinion

Fliers invite trouble


I do everything I can to protect my home, including doing my best to not advertise that I am away from home when traveling. I have paid a lot of money for security lighting and deadbolt locks. I stop newspaper and mail delivery. So, when I return from my time away, it infuriates me to find door-hangers on the doorknob and fliers on my porch.

I do not want this trash left on my property. It’s an open invitation to thieves and vandals, telling them that my home is unoccupied. I would like the City Council to consider a ban on this activity.

I have sent information on this issue to Councilman Jon Snyder. I think that if other residents of the community were to let their own councilpersons know that they also do not want this litter on their property advertising their absence, or just don’t want to deal with the trash, maybe the council might consider a ban.

Other municipalities have passed bans on fliers and door-hangers, and Spokane can too. You can also contact those who leave this litter behind and let them know you will not patronize their business or support their cause.

Chris Lang


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