December 2, 2010 in Letters, Opinion

Screeners out of control


Since its inception, the Transportation Security Administration has had total authority with no responsibility or accountability. When going through airport screening, citizens are at the mercy of TSA screeners. Try to explain your medical condition or situation and TSA just increases the level of humiliation they inflict.

TSA can damage your belongings, inflict near-Abu Ghraib levels of humiliation and even damage critical medical devices of cancer patients, all this without an apology or any hint of conscience. After the screeners have desecrated your integrity they walk away, leaving you standing there alone and humiliated.

To whom is TSA accountable? Clearly it’s not to the people of this country. Congress doesn’t seem to have control, even though it authorized and funds the agency. Apparently, TSA answers to no one.

This is exactly what our Founding Fathers opposed when they wrote the Constitution. Our Constitution was designed to prohibit government from having total control over its citizens and to ensure government is responsible and accountable to the governed.

The conduct of TSA is eerily close to what Hitler began in Germany. First it was our shoes, now it’s our genitals. What’s next? American citizens and our representatives must stop this oppression.

Doug Belcher


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