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Thu., Dec. 2, 2010, midnight

U.S. not at fault for cartel arms

“Cartels add firepower with high-caliber guns, grenades” (Nov. 21) blames the Mexican government’s inability to control the drug cartels on the American public.

“Vast supplies of ammunition” conjure up images of a person loading a truck full of ammo and driving across the Mexican border. .50 ammo is $2 a round. If this occurs, it probably is an illegal crossing involving a bribed Mexican official.

“The .50-calibers are of growing concern.” “In many U.S. states, a law-abiding citizen can buy large quantities of .50-caliber sniper rifles.” Really? At $8,500 each? How many can the average citizen buy?

Let’s get our borders secure, so we know who and what comes and goes, and not try to blame the USA for Mexico’s shortcomings.

Steve Christian

Spokane Valley

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