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Thu., Dec. 9, 2010

Expect less from government

As a retired military officer, the U.S. has an industrial military complex. Their interest is lobbying for larger military budgets; it’s bloated and we need to significantly ax programs within the military.

Let’s admit they have a vested interest in continuing a gravy train. However, since Wilson and Roosevelt, we have continued to grow government and entitlement programs. Programs created with great intent of solving social ills and helping the needy group. From keeping us from drugs, making sure we have health care, keeping the environment safe, letting us retire and live the good life. It has created a society that one in four either receives a subsidy or work for some sort of government entity.

We have made the state accountable for educating and feeding our children. We have redefined poverty as anyone that doesn’t own a TV or a car. We have created an economic system based on spending and not producing. We have developed a society that make decisions based on commercial sound bites and emotions, not based on common sense or research.

Government and business shouldn’t be your keeper. Stop expecting government bacon. Yes, these are general statements. There are exceptions.

Chip Magnuson

Four Lakes

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