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Thu., Dec. 9, 2010

People, police teamed up

On Nov. 27 I responded to a call of a fight in the parking lot at 29th and Regal. A young lady was being beaten, without provocation. As she was being beaten by a mother and daughter, they were calling her racial epithets.

I want to thank all the citizens who came to this young woman’s aid. Thank you to the three gentlemen who pulled the suspects off the victim. Thank you to the business owner who gave such compelling witness statements. And thank you to the business employee who grabbed the victim and took her into her business and locked the door to keep her safe. It is citizens like you that I so proudly serve and who make me remember why I am a police officer.

Most of all, I am sorry to the victim. Please remember, the majority of people, no matter their ethnicity, think this was a despicable act of violence.

Davida Zinkgraf


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