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Luck makes the difference

I take issue with Mr. Olson’s angry letter, “Rich not to blame,” of Sunday, Nov. 28. He notes a large percentage of taxes go to the poor, characterizing them as sitting back enjoying their very early retirement.

I doubt the poor enjoy their position; most would prefer a middle-class life. In my opinion, it all boils down to luck; were you born into a good, functional family or a bad, dysfunctional family? Unlucky but exceptional people can sometimes pull themselves up by their bootstraps, but I think it’s mostly luck. Lucky, unexceptional people can sometimes become president.

Class warfare is not the answer, but I do favor dynasty taxes to minimize the silver-spoon effect. Steep carbon taxes with offsetting income tax cuts would alter every American’s planet-killing lifestyle. And finally, we need to cut 20 percent out of our beyond-bloated $1 trillion defense spending, the elephant which has so little positive effect except for defense contractors.

Yes, we would probably will have to live more simply and happier with all these changes, but I think our country is worth it. See the Quakers’ to see what I mean.

Leonard Butters



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