December 11, 2010 in Letters, Opinion

Do ask, do tell


I would like to respond to the letter of Dec. 7 from Stan Martin entitled “Cartoon maligned troops.”

It is only by virtue of the First Amendment that we are able to allow objectionable opinions (as expressed by the likes of Clay Bennett) to be made public, as well as insightful responses from persons like Mr. Martin. This is what the First Amendment is all about: discourse.

When I initially viewed Clay Bennett’s cartoon regarding the “don’t ask” policy, I was disturbed, but I was not quite certain why. It was only by virtue of Mr. Martin’s letter that I was able to fully appreciate why Clay Bennett’s cartoon was disturbing to me. Mr. Martin’s objections to this cartoon were well-articulated and very insightful. Were it not for Mr. Bennett’s disturbing cartoon, I would not have had the benefit of Mr. Martin’s well-considered response.

To this end, I endorse a full and free exercise of the First Amendment, so that options can be voiced (no matter how objectionable) and responses to these opinions can be expressed. The truth will win out in an environment of free expression. Mr. Martin, please continue to voice your opinion.

John S. Reid


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