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Don’t even think about tab fees

Here we go again. Every time the city needs money, they rip off maintenance funds from the street department. And we wonder why the streets are crumbling, and why we can’t get them plowed.

And why do we need to “reward” the good unions for making concessions that ALL the unions and departments should have to suffer. I don’t hear City Hall offering to make layoffs and cutbacks. Any City Council member voting for a tab tax better realize that he/she is committing political suicide by doing so. City residents do not want another tax.

City Council, if you don’t have enough money, you make cuts across the board and everyone just has to live with it. Or, if you really need more budget funding, try these ideas: Since the Parks Department sees fit to charge people to use the public pools, let’s charge people $5 a head to enter and use the city’s public parks. You could charge a $10 entry fee for Pigout at the Park, or spectator fees for the Lilac Parade, Hoopfest, Bloomsday and the Fourth of July celebrations. The possibilities are endless.

Gerald Barnhart


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