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Raptor dinosaur found in Utah

Fri., Dec. 17, 2010

SALT LAKE CITY – A small, feathered raptorlike dinosaur thought to be 125 million years old has been discovered in eastern Utah, scientists announced Thursday.

The Geminiraptor suarezarum was bipedal and, like other raptors, had a large head. Most of the known raptors discovered in North America date to between 72 million and 75 million years ago, which makes the discovery the oldest reported specimen of its kind.

“They were fast, they were smart, they had big eyes and very dexterous hands,” said James Kirkland, a paleontologist with the Utah Geological Survey.

The G. suarezarum was discovered on federal land near Green River, an area about 180 miles southeast of Salt Lake City that has become notable for the number of new species discovered there. The College of Eastern Utah’s Prehistoric Museum in Price is curating the bones and overseeing the excavation of the quarry where the bones were found.

The quarry was found seven years ago by identical twins Celina and Marina Suarez of San Antonio, for whom the new species was named. The 29-year-old paleontologists were helping Kirkland excavate a different quarry just over a mile away.

The “Suarez Sisters Quarry” has since yielded two dinosaur discoveries.

“As kids, we always kind of thought we might dig up a dinosaur in our backyard,” Celina Suarez said. “We didn’t know we would have to drive to Utah to do it.”


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