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Buying local saves jobs

The investor class puts money into corporate America. Corporate America takes that money and builds plants in foreign countries, hiring workers for little or no money, sells those products back in America for less than other small businesses in America can.

American workers in the process lose their jobs that were shipped overseas so they have to buy the cheaper foreign-made products. The investor class reaps the rewards for investing.

Corporate America uses its money to expand overseas business. They have created a never-ending cycle of corporate greed and working/middle class poverty. Republicans don’t want to end the cycle by closing tax loopholes or taxing the investor class.

So what can the working/middle class do to change this? We must have the small business, mom/pop stores and their various business organizations create a one-stop website that we can go to for local, regional products that are manufactured, produced, made and sold locally. We need them to create (small business) black Saturday between (corporate) black Friday and (Internet) cyber Monday like they have done in New York. If we spend our money for local products, we have a better chance of saving American jobs and expanding local business.

Lawrence Schuchart



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