December 19, 2010 in Letters, Opinion

Conservative dreams come true


With the announcement of a new round of budget cuts and social welfare eliminations proposed by Gov. Gregoire, I propose it’s a good day to be a conservative. Their dreams are coming true – smaller government, deep cuts in education and services for the poor and disabled, and (if Sen. Joe Zarelli gets his way) privatization of government by corporations out for personal profit regardless of the common good. This is, of course, a nightmare for the average person without a radical political agenda, like you and me.

As more families go homeless and more mentally ill are on the streets, let’s hold accountable those who, for the last generation, have been eroding the Great Society. As fewer students can afford to go to college, licensed businesses charge us to pick up our mail and public transport is eliminated, let’s thank Republicans and tea-party conservatives for this “dream come true.”

Kevin S. Decker


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