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The Slice: Ornamental thievery leaves empty spot on lawn, in hearts

Someone stole a bit of Christmas cheer from a North Side family last week.

For decades, retirees Lisa and Bill Weaver have displayed in their front yard a metal deer Lisa’s late father built in the early 1970s. At this time of year, they decorate it for the season.

It’s about 5 feet tall. Birds like to perch on its rebar antlers.

The family even included the 30-pound sculpture in Christmas card photos.

Then someone swiped it.

It wasn’t just yard art. It was family history.

“We’ll miss it dearly,” said Matthew Weather, one of Lisa and Bill’s sons.

Slice answer: “My friend from the United Kingdom wasn’t all that taken aback with the number of pickup trucks in the area but with the number of lady drivers,” wrote Lila Kimm.

Reader Al Gilson wonders: “During the holiday season, what is the average time it takes to find the Parade magazine in the pile of Sunday ad inserts?”

Agree or disagree: The people who keep the Inland Northwest on an even keel tend to work on the fourth floor of various buildings in our area.

Random list: 1. So which football team do you root for if you have encountered insufferable graduates of both Oregon and Auburn? 2. Dean Jaxon. 3. Sun People Dry Goods. 4. Kids not taking those circular presale stickers off the bills of new ballcaps. 5. My unsuccessful attempts to obtain one of those free 2011 Hallmark datebooks for my mother. 6. The Caesar salad at the Spokane Club.

Christmas miracle: At Becky Dueben’s house, it’s “Finding the scotch tape.”

Slice answer: Carol Voogd said there’s something worse than noticing that your hair looks great when there’s no one else around: “When your hair is perfect and you know you have to put on your helmet to ride your horse.”

Today’s Slice question: Who around here sends the most Christmas cards?

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