Holiday Lights

SUNDAY, DEC. 26, 2010

You’ve been so busy this Christmas season you haven’t had time yet to check out the holiday light displays around the area? Don’t worry, your neighbors haven’t had time to take them down, either.

So for your Sunday drive, here’s an updated list of the light shows submitted by readers. You can go to www.spokesman.com/holidaylights to generate maps of each area.

And again, thanks to everyone who contributed to our list, and to the local Clark Griswolds who made it all possible in the first place.

North Spokane

14016 E. 41st Court: Outstanding display. Instructions tell viewer what station to listen to to enjoy music synchronized to light movements.

10712 N. Middleton Drive: Steve’s displays are outstanding and bright. He outdoes himself every year. Lots and lots of lights and figures. He does his neighborhood proud.

1621 E. Illinois Ave.: “Dripping” icicle lights and lots of color!

1023 E. Huron Drive: Entire house lit. Shooting star off the roof. Lighted toy soldier and snowman. Candy canes in yard.

724 W. Rosewood Ave.: Singing Christmas tree, computer-animated light show, songs kids of all ages will enjoy. Tune your car radio to 90.1 and sing along. Show runs nightly until 11 p.m. Brought to you by Play N Stay.

832 E. Brierwood Lane: Disney characters including the “Finding Nemo” gang, “Toy Story” characters, princesses, Mickey and Minnie, and Winnie the Pooh. You may even spot Tinker Bell. Tons of LED lights and reindeer, too. A favorite for the kids.

9503 N. Loganberry Court: Eleven inflatables including Nativity scene, baby Mickey and Tigger, deer, trees and plenty of lights.

910 W. Frederick Ave.: Lots of lights, snowmen, Santas, reindeer on the roof. An annual Christmas Eve favorite.

8500 N. Whitehouse St.: Many lights on lawn and roof all along the block – spectacular every year!

3917 E. Beverly Road: Front lights, blow-up displays, just beautiful when you turn off Moody Road onto Myrtle Street. They are at the end of the block and it lights the whole street.

3823 E. Tanager Lane: Yard with fence with lights, blow-ups with M&M’s.

10220 N. Nine Mile Road: Lots of snowmen, really cute and fun.

12700 N. Perry St.: Thousands of lights sparkle and jump in time with music that you listen to through your car radio. On the 12700 block of North Perry Street, just north of Hastings Road.

4801 N. Calispel St.: Very tastefully done.

1210 West Hazard Road: The biggest display around! 20,000 LED lights playing Christmas music on 107.5 FM, 35,000 lights on rest of the property. In all, 2.5 acres of lights in Wandermere with more than 100 trees decorated.

8002 N. Ash Lane: Pretty much all of the yard and most of the house is lit up. Lots of blow-up and yard ornaments, music playing and blinking lights all over the house.

5419 N. Belt St.: Nativity scene, flying Santa and reindeer and much more.

5522 N. Nettleton St.: Pretty display of holiday lights.

5528 N. Nettleton St.: Twinkling icicle lights. Singing Santa on porch. Sleigh and reindeer. Very festive.

7020 N. Calispel St.: The lights are hung by the gutters with care, in hopes that some passers-by soon will be here. With the lights all aglow, over 10,000 of them, the drivers all know, the warmth of the festivities are set for the show. The yard is guarded by the snowmen and soldiers. The manger is lit, with the three wise men, the carolers are singing outside the church and the gingerbread people are outside playing. The packages are all wrapped under the tree and the candy cane archway flanked by the drums leads the way to Santa who is here most nights to see all the good girls and boys. He will be passing out candy canes to those who are nice while those who are not had better think twice. Come enjoy fantasyland if only for a few minutes, we are sure it will put a smile on all faces, young and old. The music is charming, the scene is complete. Come by our home, we promise it’s neat.

1136 W. Glass Ave.: Every inch of this house’s front has lights. Kelly is always a bit overboard at Christmas time.

6720 N. Monroe St.: Blue and white LED light display.

1604 W. Marc Drive: Not a lot of lights but a good color combination and setup.

6421 N. Whitehouse St.: Many LEDs, blow-ups, Nativity scenes, reindeer, big signs “Joy,” “Ho, Ho, Ho” etc. Great.

South Spokane

2522 S. Manito Blvd.: Featuring a 20-foot-tall Swedish Christmas Angel with ringing bells and a cherub blowing a horn. Runs from 10 a.m. until 9 p.m. and is lighted at night.

1111 W. 12th Ave.: Three-story older home decorated from top to bottom in beautiful colored lights, candy canes, wreaths, shrubbery all decorated. Santa lounging on the porch rail along with his elf. Worth a drive-by look and see.

2216 S. Cuba St.: Come and enjoy the light show – park out front and roll down your windows to hear the music and watch the lights. Every evening from dusk to 10 p.m.

3107 S. Glenrose Road: Over 80,000 lights synchronized to music with animated singing, dancing farm animals. Listen on FM 99.7 in the comfort of your car.

2118 W. Second Ave.: Browne’s Addition red, white and blue light display honoring our military personnel serving our country.

Spokane Valley

17109 E. Knox Ave.: A great display with a large tree, handmade candy canes, lighted Christmas balls and Santa in a helicopter on the roof. Fun house!

11607 E. Fourth Ave.: Lots of lights. Hand-painted displays.

1822 S. McDonald Road: Great manger scene. Lots of LED lights on trees and house. Homemade snowmen.

Northwest corner of South Timberlane Drive and East 21st Court: Manger scene, Santa on the roof, nutcracker soldiers and lights on the house. Corner lot full of displays.

Belle Terre and Best Court: Great display and very well done. White lights with color also.

13716 E. 29th Ave.: Christmas tree made from 3-pound coffee tins with lights in each one, plus hand-painted, full-size Santa and Mrs. Claus.

19310 E. Indiana Ave.: Reindeer, snowmen, Noel with sliding penguins, musical tree, candy cane pathway, Santa in a snow globe.

24249 E. Sperling Court: Great gingerbread house.

24324 E. Springdale Court: Absolutely gorgeous.

925 S. Girard Road: Newer-style Nativity, reindeer, igloo and penguin family, Santa waving, lots of smaller items, roof line lighted, things in the window. This is on a corner lot and has lots to see.

13002 E. Semro Ave.: Light display set to music, some inflatables, lots of various cutouts with Looney Tune character themes (see if you can name them all) plus lots of candy cane lights around the walks. Northwest of McDonald Road and 22nd Ave.

2618 S. Steen Lane: Thousands of lights and many, many yard figures, must see to appreciate.

17711 E. Montgomery Ave.: More than 1,000 feet of lights and a star on the roof.

6210 E. Moreland Drive: Great display of lights with wooden cutouts, all set to music.

12909 E. 22nd Ave.: Many lights, music, blow-ups and displays. Very nice.

11020 E. 21st Ave.: Yup … Clark Griswold lives here! Lots of multicolored lights, lighted figures, custom wood sleigh and reindeer, driveway candy cane lane, just a fun display made with a lot of love.

107 N. Conklin Road: Lots of lights and blow-up decorations in the yard.

1619 S. McCabe Road: Lots of lights, beautiful. One street over from Keller Road and 16th Avenue.

Keller Road and 16th Avenue: Whole street decorated with a huge lighted tree as the centerpiece.

32nd Avenue and Bowdish Road: At this intersection and on 32nd, there are some houses with beautiful color arrangements.

4316 N. Center Road: Lights, lights and more lights!

5006 N. Larch Road: Large yard and house display, all decked out in white. Looks really nice. Lots of lighted snowflakes and trees, with large ornaments in the trees and on the porch and lighted candy canes on the fence. Very bright yard. Looks great with all the snow!

10806 E. 20th Ave.: Homemade Christmas yard art, some automated, and many lights.

1722 S. Bettman Road: Very colorful display celebrating “Peanuts” 60-year anniversary with an amazing Snoopy and gang collection. Over 20,000 lights!

11516 E. 19th Ave.: This house lights up the entire block! Great decorations every year with plenty to see and hear. The yard is filled with lots of lights, snowmen, reindeer, singing mice, penquins and even a gigantic snowman that stands taller than the house.

4405/4407 N. Elton Road: Large duplex lit very nicely. Both sides coordinated together. Right on the corner of Elton Road and Upriver Drive.

Mitchell Court: Cul-de-sac of holiday decorations.

17505 E. Indiana Ave.: Winterland display, holiday displays, lighted trees, etc. Large area decorated.

14016 E. 41st Court: Many lights that are coordinated with music. Very impressive!

222 S. Evergreen Road: Entry way and trees at Orchard Crest, a senior living and assisted living home.

North Idaho

415 S. Glenwood Drive, Post Falls: Hard to describe this magnificent display with 65,000 lights synchronized to a wide variety of Christmas music. See www.youtube.com/ watch?v=fWldkqaOqR8 or preview on YouTube user name sparkylights. This show ROCKS!

770 Aberdeen Court, Post Falls: House, porch and front entrance have been done with lights and a standing Santa Claus.

9087 Orange Blossom Drive, Hayden: Thousands of lights! Display includes Santa’s runway, candy cane path, laser light show, music and much more.

8503 W. Larch St., Rathdrum: Mixture of blue and clear lights, colored/clear twinkling, twinkling snowflake theme. Lots of yard and roof decor.

2142 E. Highway 54, Athol: Lots of lights in the woods throughout the trees. Over 15,000 lights on Highway 54. A huge red star on the side of the house. Easy to drive by and observe.

North Old Highway 95, Athol: Many nice yards in the whole neighborhood.

119 Kelly Gulch Road, Pinehurst: You are missing one of the most spectacular displays of lights in Shoshone County if you don’t see the display that Marc White and his son Lucus have put up for many years. They begin working right after Thanksgiving to get the half-acre display up. There are huge Christmas trees, snowflakes, Nativity and Happy Birthday Jesus lights and candy canes, all of which can be seen from a good viewing point. To get there take Division Street in Pinehurst and turn west on Ohio Street where Kelly Gulch intersects.


841 Cindy Jo Court, Medical Lake: Nice, well-lit moderate flashing light display synchronized to music with lawn ornaments and two angels on the roof.

500 E. Westcrest Ave., Colbert: Over 33,000 lights decorating the house, fence, trees and snowmen, deer and other critters. Synchronised to flash with the music (broadcasting on 100.7 FM), 20 classic Christmas tunes from Burl Ives and Elvis to Trans-Siberian Orchestra. The “dancing tree” in the yard really gets going when the music cranks up. Don’t miss it!

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