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Jackson, James had to work holiday

     Oh, the indignity of the NBA and their television contracts, demanding that LeBron James of Miami must play and Phil Jackson of Los Angeles must coach on Christmas Day. 

Talk about unfair labor practices. Perhaps military personnel scattered all over the world, and the men and women of law enforcement, and medical techs, doctors, nurses and support staff, and thousands of other people whose occupations really matter and are appreciated should take up the banner for LeBron and Phil! 

They know what it’s like to be away from home and family on Christmas.  They know what LeBron and Phil are going through.  Brothers and sisters of suffering. When they began their careers they knew they would have to work some holidays.  They knew they would have to make the best of it.  When they signed their contracts they anticipated working when they would rather be home with their families, but they were probably happy to get the job. 

I think LeBron and Phil should advise their agents to sit down with them before they sign, go over all the work days, and put a big, fat  asterisk on the dates they cannot be expected to work.  Phil calls it “weird” that they have to coach and play on Christmas Day.  That’s pretty small thinking  for such a cerebral coach.  Christmas Day equals big ratings and revenue, and allows television to fatten the pot for the NBA and its owners, thereby fattening Phil and LeBron’s pockets. Even an uninformed consumer like me can figure out that one. 

As for me, when I turn on the television today, maybe I’ll watch the Shirley Temple movie marathon – good stories, a tear-jerker or two, and boy could that kid dance.  Better yet, the Twilight Zone marathon.  Maybe Phil and LeBron will appear in an episode.  Naw, even Rod Serling’s imagination couldn’t dream up those two guys.


Don Bartell

Coeur d’Alene


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