December 26, 2010 in Letters, Opinion

Wealth isn’t out of reach


After reading the opinion of Timothy Rutten (column, Dec. 23) regarding estate tax law changes, I felt compelled to respond to a couple statements that I found to be especially offensive.

First, his comment that achieving the American dream has become a genetic lottery. Eighty percent of millionaires in this country today have acquired their wealth in one generation.

There are basically two avenues to wealth if you exclude the lottery theory, work and investing. Living within your means and dedication to your job can give everyone the opportunity to be successful financially. Regular saving with the power of compounding can make you a millionaire even with a modest salary.

Secondly, Mr. Rutten states the tax cuts create a “windfall for those who already enjoy privileges and security undreamed of by the vast majority of Americans.” Wrong, this is exactly what is dreamed of by many in this country, and that is the beauty of being fortunate enough to live in the land of opportunity. One can dream and one can achieve.

Diane Delanoy


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