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Where were fans?

Sun., Dec. 26, 2010

Congratulations Eagles!  What a great win for the Eagles and the Big Sky Conference.  Three straight years of Big Sky schools playing for the FCS title.    

Hey Cheney and Spokane: Where were you?  I couldn’t believe my eyes when, on national TV, Roos Field wasn’t full!  Come on, now.  These kids, playing the defending national champions, a chance to go to Frisco, Texas, and play whomever for the national title, and you can’t fill the house? 

Both communities should be ashamed.  Sure it was cold, so what.  Other top Big Sky teams play in sub-zero wind chill and fill 25,000 seat stadiums. 

Come on you all.  Find a way to get to Texas in January, huh?

Ray Vandelac

Lolo, Montana


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