The Slice: Some folks just prefer to blend in

MONDAY, DEC. 27, 2010

My friend Wade Griffith had a question.

“Is there a correlation between failing to use car lights at winter dusk and dawn with the ownership of a dark, dull-colored vehicle?”

What Spokane would be like if everyone here who ardently admires Portland suddenly moved there: “A veritable paradise filled with right-thinking conservatives,” said Curt Stone.

Perhaps you have seen the 1964 movie, “Zulu”: I was at NorthTown mall a few days before Christmas. It was a fine experience and I got what I needed.

But as an unofficial advocate of alternative transportation, surveying the jammed parking areas made me feel like a member of the vastly outnumbered British garrison at Rorke’s Drift.

Of course, it’s worth remembering how that battle wound up.

Just wondering: What do you think of the late Dan Fogelberg’s much-played seasonal song “Same Old Lang Syne”?

A) It’s good. I like songs that tell a story. B) I understand why it gets radio time before New Year’s, but the encounter in the song takes place on Christmas Eve. C) The line “And we laughed until we cried” bugs me. Spilling a purse just isn’t that hilarious. D) If they drank that much beer while sitting in her car, bathroom needs would have trumped any ethereal considerations of nostalgic longing. E) I like it. Who hasn’t wondered “What if?” F) I prefer “Part of the Plan,” “Longer” and “Wysteria.” G) Near the end, when the tempo shifts and the lyric is “Just for a moment I was back at school” — that’s nice. H) Other.

Every extended family needs: One adult who sees cat or squirrel tracks in fresh snow and tells a little kid, “Could be an ocelot, or maybe a wallaby.”

Warm-up question: In your family, how many snapshots does it take before someone shouts, “Oh, for the love of God, please stop taking pictures.”

A) Nine. B) 20. C) 50. D) 113,896. E) Other.

Today’s Slice question: While listening to an adult read a story, what Inland Northwest child holds the record for interrupting the most times with questions?

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