December 31, 2010 in Features

Mourning TV character deaths of 2010

Maria Elena Fernandez And Yvonne Villarreal Los Angeles Times

It proved impossible to rank the beloved characters that died on TV this year, so we are respectfully listing them in alphabetical order.

• Amy (Emma Bell) on “The Walking Dead”: Didn’t you scream “Nooooo!” at the TV? We did.

• David Hale (Taylor Sheridan) on “Sons of Anarchy”: Uh, that came out of nowhere.

• Ida (Randee Heller) on “Mad Men”: Bert Cooper said it best: “She was born in 1898 in a barn. She died on the 37th floor of a skyscraper. She was an astronaut.” No one answered a phone quite like Miss Blankenship.

• Jin (Daniel Dae Kim) on “Lost”: The series’ most heartbreaking death of the final season. Ultimate sacrifice.

• Marlene (Phyllis Sommerville) on “The Big C”: We were so upset when the show went there, but we understood the move later. Still, we will miss her very much.

• Renee (Annie Wersching) on “24”: Jack Bauer finally gets to have sex and minutes later his girlfriend is shot by a sniper. Man, it sucks to be Jack.

• Sayid (Naveen Andrews) on “Lost”: Another self-sacrificing moment, but the romantic hero went out in a big way.

• Sun (Yunjin Kim) on “Lost”: Watching her drown with her husband still brings tears to our eyes.

• Talbot (Theo Alexander) on “True Blood”: Russell mourning Talbot is almost as sad as watching Talbot die. We liked that sexy vampire very much.

• Tom (Tate Donovan) on “Damages”: We knew that mess would not end well, but we’re sad you’re gone.

Honorable mention: He was, unfortunately, not a fictional character, but we need to salute Capt. Phil Harris, who died while filming “Deadliest Catch.” We really miss you.

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